Abraham Aiyash for State Senate


Meet Abraham.

The child of Yemeni immigrants, Abraham was born and raised in Michigan where he grew up in a middle class family in Hamtramck. His father, an auto worker, and his mother, a homemaker, raised 8 kids there. Together they built a family that embodies the American dream. As a youth leader, Abraham led many initiatives with the Generation with Promise and Safe Routes to School - helping make Hamtramck schools healthier and more accessible. 

At 18, Abe was appointed to the Hamtramck Recycling Commission, where he served as one of the youngest members of any city commission. There, he spearheaded a program to bring recycling into Hamtramck schools and worked to expand access and information to immigrant communities about the city recycling services. 

Abe graduated from Michigan State University, where he studied political theory and constitutional democracy, and pre-medical sciences. He served as member of the Student Senate and co-founded a nonprofit that works to tackle issues of literacy and lack of education equity in low socio-economic status communities. Abe also led the initiative for the first ever expansion of the council of racial, ethnic and progressive students for more representation of marginalized groups. 

In 2016, Abe founded the Halimah Project, an organization that mentors refugee children in the Lansing area to provide educational, moral, and emotional support. Abe served on the staff of Representative Rose Mary Robinson. He worked to engage the community to fight back against US Ecology from expanding a toxic waste site on the Hamtramck-Detroit border. 

Abraham will bring his energetic, passionate leadership to work on behalf of the people of District 2. He believes that the only special interest in Lansing should be the people, and he’ll fight like hell to make sure that happens.



Michigan and State Senate District 2 need a leader that will fight for single payer healthcare, universal family care, women’s rights, equitable education, unionized jobs, a $15 minimum wage, clean water, affordable housing and insurance reform.


Abraham will fight for honest, accountable, and transparent government. He will not accept corporate PAC money and will always keep you informed about what is going on in Lansing. Abraham will directly disclose his campaign finance reports to the people, so you no longer have to go to the Secretary of State to do the research. He will also directly disclose his voting record; your deserve to know how you're elected officials vote from an easy, accessible resource. He will also disclose his personal finances so that you know if your elected officials have any business dealings that may influence his votes.

Abe is committed to opening an office in this district, because he believes you don't have to go to Lansing to visit your elected officials. 

A government of the people, by the people, for the people.

No surprises. No scandals. Just Honest Abe.


Our kids deserve equitable access to a quality public education, and that means a few things. For starters, we need to increase school funding. Our School Aid fund must no longer be used to plug up holes in our general budget.  Over the last five years, our teachers have taken a pay cut. This has disincentivized people from going into education professions. Our teachers deserve better pay, and Senator Abraham will ensure that we drive that conversation into action.  Schools should provide wraparound services for students to ensure the most optimal learning environment. Abraham will also push for universal pre-k.

The Betsy DeVos agenda has fundamentally dismantled public education in Michigan. As a result - Michigan has fallen drastically. We need to make charters schools accountable to the citizens of this state.  That means reducing the number of charter authorizers in Michigan from 14 to one, and holding charters to the same standards as public schools.  Abraham will push to phase out for-profit charter schools over the next four years and transition them into non-profit status. Any remaining for-profit school would be require to invest nearly all the money directly back into the school. 

As State Senator, Abraham will push for investments in skilled trades and college affordability. Every child deserves the opportunity to build a future that will afford them a life with a good career.


Michigan is the auto capital of the world, but we have some the worst infrastructure and car insurance rates in the country. We need to fix the potholes and think long term about rebuilding our infrastructure. Abraham will also support the Fair and Affordable insurance bill package that would eliminate redlining, hold insurers, hospitals, and trial lawyers accountable, and reduce the rates we pay for car insurance. 

Abe will champion a $15 minimum wage, programs to benefit our seniors. We need to guarantee access to affordable, clean water for all. Abe will fight for criminal justice reform and is proud to stand up for serious gun reform. 


Abe supports Medicare for All. He will make sure we invest in mental health services, women’s health services and fight the opioid epidemic. Abe will also advocate for investments in green energy and sustainable manufacturing.  We have to protect our environment from greedy companies & corporate polluters.

Let’s keep our Great Lakes, Great.





The District.

Michigan's Second District is diverse. Senate District 2 has a rich community with many people across different racial, religious, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. We need leadership that has a record of sharing our similarities, and celebrating our differences. Abraham is that leader. 

  State Senate District 2 Map: Detroit, all five Grosse Pointe communities, Hamtramck, Harper Woods, and Highland Park

State Senate District 2 Map: Detroit, all five Grosse Pointe communities, Hamtramck, Harper Woods, and Highland Park


Progressive, Honest Leadership.



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