Abe on the Issues


Government Corruption

For too long politicians have used public office for personal benefit. Our politics has been bought by greedy corporations and is controlled by the special interests. It is time we bring to Michigan a politics of purpose rather than a politics of profit. We need to:

  • Get corporate PAC money out of our politics: the people are the only special interest we should be listening to.

  • Be transparent, Abraham will be the first elected official in Michigan to directly release my campaign finances to the public. You can check out a full list of donors to my campaign at this link.

  • Open an office in this district. Abe is the only candidate committed to opening an office within the district, because you shouldn’t have to go all the way to Lansing to speak with your elected official.



The Betsy Devos Agenda has fundamentally destroyed public education in the state of Michigan. Our teachers have taken massive pay cuts, our kids don’t have the resources they need and college is simply not affordable for most. For-profit schools have made the education gap even larger and are not held accountable by the state. It’s time we reinvest in our kids’ futures. We need to:

  • Create a universal Pre-K program and increase our investment in K-12 public education

  • Provide educators with better compensation – incentivizing future students to pursue teaching

  • Guarantee access to a subsidized community college education for Michigan residents

  • Expand awareness, access, and incentives for skilled trades programs

  • Push to phase out for-profit charter schools over the next four years and transition them into non-profit status



Health care costs too much and covers too little. Too many people have to throw themselves into debt just to cover life saving procedures and medications. Our current health care system only serves the insurance companies, not the people. We need to: 

  • Work towards a Medicare For All style healthcare system in Michigan

  • Increase protections and access to women’s health

  • Cap all primary care and family care visits to a maximum of a $5 copay

  • Demand transparency from pharmaceutical companies to reduce costs and increase access

  • Invest in mental health services

  • Fight the opioid epidemic by expanding access to rehabilitation programs


Car Insurance

Car insurance is exorbitantly high in and around Detroit, that has to change. People are living paycheck to paycheck simply because they are paying thousands every year in car insurance. We need to:

  • Eliminate discriminatory practices in rate setting – such as zip code, gender, or credit score

  • Demand transparency by subjecting the MCCA to the Open Meetings Act and FOIA

  • Establish a fraud authority that holds insurance companies accountable



Too many people are working 2 or more jobs and still struggling to support their families. We need to create an economy that works for everyone, and not just the wealthy few. We need to:

  • Champion a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage

  • Ensure Michigan invests in more skilled trade jobs

  • Implement a graduated income tax system where 98% of families would realize a tax reduction

  • Hold corporations accountable – tax dollars should be used to create jobs not line CEO pockets

  • Establish a strategic fund that focuses investments in small business entrepreneurs

  • Retain Michigan college graduates with student loan forgiveness and economic opportunity



Our Great Lakes are the largest body of freshwater in the world, we ought to protect them. We have allowed companies like Nestle to take our fresh water for practically free while working class people in Detroit have to pay fees just to keep their water running, even if they aren’t using it. We need to:

  • Stop corporations from unjustly profiting from our resources - such as the bottling of our water

  • Promote environmental justice by allowing locals to reject any permit that would increase pollutants

  • Invest in green energy and sustainable manufacturing

  • Create permitting standards that consider the overall impact of pollutants in a region

  • Increase both incentives and accessibility to recycle for community residents

  • Put an end to Line 5



We are the auto capital of the world, and yet we have some of the worst roads in the country. We are the Great Lakes State, and yet our kids are being poisoned by lead in their drinking water. We need to:

  • Demand quality work and fair through the support and protection of prevailing wage laws

  • Revise Michigan’s road funding formula to send more money to roads that have more traffic

  • Invest in a collaborative regional transit program that provides greater connectivity for residents

  • Make sure our water infrastructure is brought up to date and lead pipes are eliminated


Gun Reform

Students shouldn't have to march for their lives just to feel safe going to school. It's time to release the chokehold the NRA has on our politics and demand #GunReformNow. We need to: 

  • Implement universal background checks that would close the gun show loophole. 
  • Ban assault weapons for use by the general public. 
  • Support red-flag legislation that would keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.